What is the 2+1 Program?


The 2+1 program is a way for you to get your teacher certification in 3 years or less.

The 2 stands for the 2 years it will take you to get your Associates of Arts in Teaching (AAT) from WTC (Western Texas College) in Snyder, TX or from Cisco College (Abilene/Cisco, TX).This time can be shortened by taking online courses in High School.Your associates will be 66 hours.

The 1 stands for the 1 year of student teaching you’ll do in Hamlin while taking approximately 18 hours of online courses from Texas Tech per semester.You will be mentored by a teacher from Hamlin and have a site coordinator (Misti Shoemaker) who will monitor your college work, as well as your teaching abilities.

The student teaching will be 1-year long. Your classes start in July with Texas Tech (online) and a class with Misti Shoemaker. The first semester (before Christmas) you’ll complete 3 days a week of Field Study time.Wednesday morning you’ll have a class with Misti Shoemaker. You’ll have Wednesday afternoon and Friday to study and work on homework. The last semester (after Christmas), you’ll complete 4 days a week of student teaching (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday).Wednesday morning you’ll have a class with Misti Shoemaker and have the afternoon to work on homework. You must pass your content exam by early December, or you will not be able to continue the program after Christmas.

Texas Tech requires you to complete 240 tutoring to pass your content exam, or if you’re mid-level math, you’ll complete Certify Teacher. Both programs have high pass rates.

In order to qualify for the program, you must maintain a 2.75 GPA, and have taken 2 years of Spanish in either High School or college.

Currently this program is only for those interested in becoming a teacher in EC-6th grades or mid-level math.

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Meet our Teachers

2+1 Program Graduates

These teachers began at different places in their education. They worked with our 2+1 program director to complete their training and education while student teaching in Hamlin. Today, we are proud to have them teaching our students in Hamlin. All three have continued their education further with Montessori training.

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