Enroll Students


Do you already have a Gradebook account?

If yes, go to Step 4, if not, start with Step 1

Step 1

Visit Ascender Parent Portal, and scroll down to click "Create Account"

Step 2

Complete the registration info. Continue clicking next until you see the message that says "Your Ascender ParentPortal account has been created"

Step 3

Click "Finish" and go to **Step 5**

Step 4

Visit the Ascender portal, and login

Step 5

Click "Enroll Student" Note: If enroll student is grayed out, you need to verify your email first, by clicking the link sent to you.

Step 6

Fill out the Student Information and Questionnaires. Continue clicking next and filling out each page until you receive a confirmation message.If you are re-enrolling an existing student, you may click "Continue to Step 4"

Step 7

Scan the following items using the notes app on your phone, then uploading during the enrollment process.

· Birth Certificate

· Immunization Record

· Social Security Card

· Driver’s license or ID card

· Proof of Residency