Founded in 2020, the Hamlin Collegiate Education Foundation raises private-sector funds to support academic goals and achievement for the entire district.

We support many efforts including classroom enrichment, teacher trainings, and college degree attainment. We seek financial contributions from Hamlin Collegiate families, the community at large and corporate donors to fulfill this mission.

Upcoming Events

Homecoming Fundraiser

3 ways to give back to your town this Homecoming!


  1. Sponsor a career by donating the cost for one student to receive an industry certification. (Link coming soon!)

  2. Go 'old school.' Bring your checkbooks/cash as you make the drag downtown! Look for our sign to drop off your donations as your cruise. (100% of proceeds go to the foundation's 3 causes: college, certifications, and teacher support.)

  3. Donate online and add your 'two cents' to our donor wall! To donate online, use the form at the top of this page.


Give From the Heart


Now you can sponsor a student to pursue

the career which means most to you.

Choose your favorite career path.
Your donation will open the door
for one Hamlin student
to pursue the career you both love.

Drone Pilot License

Welding License


Cyber Security/Software Development

Veterinary Technician

Certified Nursing Assistant

Teaching Certificate

Pharmacy Technician

Online: Use payment forms above

Phone: Call (325) 576-2722 and ask for Misti Shoemaker

Check: Make your check payable to "Hamlin Collegiate Education Foundation"
Mail to: PO Box 338, 250 SW Ave F, Hamlin, TX 79520

Come sit in on our next board meeting! Email [email protected]

Interested in serving on our foundation?

Please call (325) 576-2722 or email [email protected]

Founding Board Members

Leroy Arce, President

Misti Shoemaker, Secretary

Dan Byerly, Vice President of Development

Regan Clement, Vice President of Marketing and Events

Carrie Moore, Vice President of Programs

Lane Lakey, Head of 2021 Clay Shoot

Kendon Gruben

Laura Teague

Andrew Hohenberger

Dr. David Willis

Dr. Randy Burks

Janice Wade

Shiela Lincoln-Martinez

Melissa Leps

Becky Terry

Every donation supports a student in Hamlin who will now have a better opportunity to be a well-educated, job-secure adult who can give back to our community.