Innovative Teaching Grants

Thank you for applying for an Innovating Teaching Grant.
The Hamlin Collegiate Education Foundation is thrilled to consider your application.
Please consider the following when applying:


Innovative Teaching Grants are designed to encourage, facilitate, recognize and reward innovative and creative instructional approaches to the accomplishment of program objectives. The Hamlin Collegiate Education Foundation (HCEF) is offering teachers and administrators the opportunity to apply for grants to support innovative programs or projects to support higher levels of student learning. The grants must enhance student academic performance and support the objectives, goals, and initiatives of the Campus Action Plan.


Persons Eligible to Apply for Grants:

Individuals or teams of individuals employed by Hamlin Collegiate Independent School District who are involved in the instruction of students or related support services benefiting students.


Eligible Proposals:

Instructional approaches or projects designed to begin during the 2022-2023 school year and which meet the selection criteria. Grants may fund instructional and classroom materials, parent involvement programs, or any activity or material which supports higher levels of student academic achievement.


Award of Funds:

Grants of up to $500 will be awarded to individual teacher initiated programs or projects. Grants of up to $1500 will be awarded to campus teams, departments and district initiated programs or projects. The number of awards will depend on funds available from HCEF.

Selection Criteria: 

• The degree to which the grant supports the District goals and the Campus Action Plan and is specifically designed to address an area of need substantiated by data. 

• The degree to which student academic performance is emphasized. 

• The degree to which sound evaluation procedures are incorporated in the proposal. 

• The degree to which the proposal represents a creative or innovative approach to the accomplishment of objectives. Funds are not typically available for recurring programs/projects. (The proposal should address a new project as opposed to one accomplished or under way.) 

• The degree to which the proposal is clear and logical, including (a) specificity of objectives; (b) clarity of description of instructional procedures, methods or treatments; and (c) correspondence among evaluative procedures, objectives and treatments. 


Selection Process: 

1. Application forms may be obtained online through the web page. 

2. Teacher initiated applications must be reviewed by the Campus Leadership Team for congruence with campus programs and signed by the principal. 

3. Signed applications are due to the HCEF office, no later than the date selected by the HCEF Board of Directors. 

4. Applications will be reviewed and commented on by the Grant Application Review Committee made up of five appointed members including, but not limited to, HCEF Board Members, district leadership, parents, and community members. 

5. If recommended for approval, the application is presented to the Board of Directors of HCEF in summary form for review and formal approval. 

6. If approved by the HCEF Board of Directors, the application is collectively presented to the Hamlin Collegiate School Board for formal acceptance of the grant funds. 

7. Applicants will be notified of decisions by the date specified by the committee. 


Responsibilities of Grant Recipients: 

• Use the awards for the purposes intended. 

• Funds must be expended by the end of the semester immediately following award notification. Projects awarded must be fully implemented by the end of the following semester. 

• Project must be fully implemented and the final report submitted to HCEF before recipients can submit an application for another grant. 

• Agree to share successful procedures in staff development sessions. 

• When applying for a grant, please remember the following: 

• Do not use the name of your campus in the application. 

• Grants are to be used to fund projects that cannot be provided for in the school and district budgets. 

• Objectives and outcomes should be consistent with the goals of your school and the district. 

• Grants cannot be used to fund teacher training or travel. When creating your budget, research carefully and be realistic. Small grants are just as likely to be awarded as large grants. Partial funding will be considered. Funds will not be awarded for budgeted items available from district resources. 

• Projects awarded must be fully implemented by the end of the following semester. 


Email application as an attachment to [email protected]