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Hamlin Collegiate Education Foundation

One of the biggest successes of the year may be the launch of the Hamlin Collegiate Education Foundation. Run by locals, alumni, and Hamlin supporters, it seeks to raise private-sector funds to support academic goals and achievements for the district. It seeks financial contributions from Hamlin Collegiate families, the community at large, and corporate donors to support this mission. 

As an independent 501(c)3 non-profit, the foundation is transparent to its donors; every donation supports a student in Hamlin who will now have a better opportunity to be a well-educated, job-secure adult who can give back to our community. For more information and a list of board members, please click below.

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2020 Varsity Football Games

11/12/2020 – PLAYOFF vs Olney @ Breckenridge (7pm)

11/20/2020 – PLAYOFF vs Petrolia @ Seymour (7pm)