P-20 Info

Hamlin Collegiate I.S.D.

P-20 Information

TO:      Teachers, Administrators, School Board Members, Parents, & Friends of Hamlin Collegiate ISD

FROM: Glen Shinn & Gary Briers

First, congratulations on the progress of HCISD and the efforts to adapt and adopt a new model for rural education. As HCISD moves forward, it is critical to “benchmark” the cultural profile of the school community and to measure changes over time.

Your opinions and advice are essential.

The “attached” Google School Culture survey typically takes less than 10 minutes. It is confidential; all data will be returned to us only, and your opinions will be combined and reported as group data.  Will you respond today?

Glen at [email protected]and Gary at [email protected] invite you to participate in the following survey:


Thank you for your interest in quality rural education. Your opinions matter!

Glen C. Shinn | Senior Partner | Emeritus Professor                               Gary Briers | Professor | Partner

What gets measured gets managed”…and improved

                                                                   Peter Drucker