Work Hard, Love Kids and Be Positive!

I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the students, staff, and community of Hamlin. The 2021-22 school year brings new opportunities and new challenges, but we will continue to strive to live out our core values to be student centered, Piper proud and passionately hopeful.

In support of our Mission, Vision and Values, in the spring of 2019 the Hamlin Collegiate Board of Trustees voted to adopt the P-20 Model of Student Success and changed the school district’s name to Hamlin Collegiate ISD. HCISD is building something new and innovative that will push us beyond what we traditionally think of as “school.”

We know there has been learning loss due to the pandemic. However, post-pandemic we cannot “double down” on just teaching basic cognitive skills. Although these skills are certainly necessary, our focus must be on higher cognitive skills, social/emotional skills, and technical skills. Through our instructional models and programs of Montessori, PTECH, AVID, and Project Based Learning, we will keep our focus on strategies that prepare students for the world in which they will live and work not just the next test, next grade, and next level. The goal is increased aspiration, grit, and resilience.

Over the course of the next 4 years, the goals for Hamlin Collegiate High School’s graduating seniors are:

  • ✓  90% will complete an associate of arts degree by grade 12, a work-based learning experience, and an individual research project

  • ✓  80% of these will complete a bachelor’s degree and will earn a high-demand workforce certificate

  • ✓  70% of these will complete a postgraduate degree or certification

As we begin year 3 and strive to move forward post pandemic, there is much work to do, but the groundwork has been laid and systems are in place to enable us to continue our transformational journey so that our students can be college, career, and LIFE ready!

Please contact your teacher, campus leadership team, or myself if you need additional information about any of our programs. You can also learn more by visiting us on our web page or on Facebook.

The entire HCISD faculty, staff and I welcome you to a new and exciting school year. We truly believe in our students and our staff with the full knowledge that together with our parents, we can continue to impact the lives of our students in a positive way.



Randy Burks, Ed. D.


Dr. Randy Burks - Superintendent
Katrina Bogle - Dean of College Readiness (Director of Technology & Information Services)
Lauri Pond - Dean of Academic Affairs
Matt Pond - Dean of Secondary Education
Michelle Jones - Dean of Elementary Education
Lisa Gonzales - Superintendent's Secretary
Dulanna Scifres - Human Resources
Becky Terry - Business Manager
Misti Shoemaker - Hamlin Career Academy Coordinator
Regan Clement - Engagement Specialist
Chris Kimball - Information Technology, 1-to-1 Technology Initiative Coordinator


Superintendent - Dr. Randy Burks
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Shipping: 250 SW F
Hamlin, TX 79520
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