I think I figured out why Hamlin means so much to me (even though we physically attended 4 days and don't even live in town).
They are responding intensely, intentionally, and individually- they're seeing us and making these kids feel important.
It's like the military community- love intensely, mean it, show up and push through.

Kamaya Mayor

I have two children who are enrolled in Hamlin elementary.
Noah is in 3rd and Lillianna is in PreK.

We are very happy and excited about this school year.
My kids wake up every morning excited about going to school. That is a true blessing.

Taylor Turner


Michelle Jones - Dean of Elementary Education
Elementary Office:
405 NW 5th Street
P.O. Box 338
Hamlin, TX 79520
PH: 325-576-3191
FX: 325-576-2358